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10 Best Van Camping Hacks of 2022


If you’re going camping, you need to be prepared for anything. This means having the right gear and making sure that your food and water are safe. You also want to make sure that your family is ready for any situation that might arise while in the wilderness. Here are some hacks from our experts to help you and your kids have fun while still being safe:

1. Insulate your van

Couple Living in a Green Van in the Forest

Insulating your van is essential to keep the temperature inside constant. You can purchase insulation or make it yourself if you're handy with a sewing machine or have some thick-walled cardboard laying around. Insulation can be added to walls, ceilings and floors, so pick whatever part of your van needs the most help keeping things warm in winter and cool enough in summer.

Insulation can also be made from recycled materials such as old foam mattresses that would otherwise go into landfills (if they haven't already). For example: take an old mattress and use it as insulation between two sheets of plywood that line one side of your van's wall; then place another piece of plywood on top of this sandwich for support; finally, attach an outer layer using some spray foam insulation so rain doesn't get through!

2. Install a good ventilation system

Cartoon Sketch of a Van

A good ventilation system is crucial to a van camper's happiness and health. You'll need to install one, as you can't rely on the windows or doors to allow in fresh air. There are plenty of options available, including those that open automatically when it's hot or close when it's cold. You should also consider installing an auxiliary fan (or two) if you plan on using your van in winter months, as these create negative pressure for better heat retention and will keep frost from forming inside vents and other openings.

It's important that you maintain your ventilation system regularly by cleaning out any debris clogging up the ducts and removing dead insects from screens; these things can cause mold growth which could lead to respiratory problems later down the road!

3. Get comfy with a mattress topper

Van life is the good life (IG: @clay.banks)

A mattress topper is a great way to make your bed more comfortable and give it some extra cushioning. Plus, they're in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles so there's one out there for everyone.

If you want even more comfort (or if your sleeping bag isn't as comfy as you'd like), consider getting a memory foam mattress pad. These are especially popular with van dwellers since it can take up less space than other types of mattresses and helps reduce noise from the road when traveling in an RV or camper van.

You'll also find waterproof options that ensure your pillow stays dry even when driving through areas with heavy rainstorms (or doing laundry outside on rainy days). If you're really looking to upgrade then look into getting a washable model too--it'll keep things fresh longer while reducing odors which cause allergies.

4. Invest in a power bank

Black Square Device on Brown Wooden Table

A power bank is a portable battery that can charge your phone, camera and other devices. It’s a good idea to have one if you go camping as it means you don’t have to worry about finding a plug socket when it comes time to recharging your tech. You can also use them while out and about – they are great for festivals where there aren't enough plugs around, or if you need extra power on the beach (because we all know how much fun it is trying to keep those phones charged by just lying in the sun).

Power banks come in all shapes and sizes – so choose one that best suits your needs! If you're looking for something small enough to fit into your pocket then look no further than our Pocket Sized Power Bank - with its own built-in solar panel this little guy will keep both his phone AND yours topped up wherever life takes him. If bigger isn't better then maybe consider our Solar Charging Kit which comes complete with 2 USB cables and 2 panels so he can charge multiple devices at once (or himself if there aren't any sockets around).

5. Take ‘good fats’ with you

Bowl Being Poured With Yellow Liquid

The best fats are “good fats.” They help your brain stay healthy, they keep your heart healthy and they even make you look younger. So don’t forget to pack them along with all the other essentials if you're going on a camping trip soon! Here are some examples of good fats:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are great for reducing inflammation in the body, which can lead to disease or aging prematurely. They also improve blood pressure and increase energy levels overall. Foods rich in omega-3 include salmon, tuna (avoid canned tuna), nuts like walnuts and almonds; flaxseed oil is another good source of omega-3s but it should be refrigerated after opening if you don't plan on using it up quickly.
  • Coconut oil has many health benefits including protecting against heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol levels within our bodies; coconut oil also has antibacterial properties so it's an excellent natural remedy for cuts or wounds that might occur while trekking through nature's wildernesses!

6. Look into your drawer options

Working on our van build! (IG: @clay.banks)

If you have more than one drawer in your van, it’s a great idea to get a divider. This way, you can separate items from each other and create little compartments. You can also find a divider with a handle that makes it easy to open and close the drawers.

For example: “I got this drawer divider with a handle because I wanted something that was easy to remove and clean when things got messy in my van!”

7. Use a shower bag for hot water

Hot stone bath in the mountains

If you're camping in the van, it can be nice to have hot water available for your shower. The best way to get hot water is to bring a 5-gallon water bag with you and fill it with hot water before bedtime. Then leave the bag in the van overnight while you sleep. In the morning, take out your now-hot shower bag and use it for your morning shower! When you're done with your shower, dump out any excess water in a sink or toilet (just make sure there's no wildlife around that might want to drink from said sink). Once your bag is empty, refill it with more hot water so that later in the evening when you need another shower, all you have to do is grab it from inside of your van and go!

8. Build an outdoor cooking area for the more extreme temperatures

Positive multiethnic friends sitting at table near van with awning in forest

When the weather gets colder, you're going to want a way to cook that doesn't involve you standing outdoors in the bitter cold. This is why it's important to have an outdoor cooking area for when it's time for dinner or breakfast. You can build a fire pit and use some stones as a base, then add in some logs of wood on top of the stones. When not in use, cover the pit with heavy-duty canvas fabric or other pieces of fabric so that nothing is exposed to the elements.

If you'd like something more portable than building an entire fire pit (or if you don't have access to one), consider getting yourself a portable stove instead! They are lightweight and easy to transport from place-to-place when needed, especially if there isn't any kind of permanent structure present at your campsite location yet (or even if there is). These stoves usually come with their own fuel source so they don't take up too much space inside your van—they'll just be stored underneath until needed later on down the road towards getting dinner ready!

Another option would be using charcoal grills such as these ones here which come equipped with handles so they're easy enough for anyone who wants something simple but effective right away without having too much trouble putting them together beforehand."

9. Build a portable stand-up shower stall outside your van for the hotter days

during the 2-week roatrip in the summer od 2021, when my boyfirend and I decided to explore beautiful Adriatic coast

You can build a portable shower stall for the dirtier days. The first step is to get yourself a shower curtain, either from an old motel room or garage sale. Then you will need to fill your shower bag with hot water, but that's it! You literally have hot showers in the wild now, and this is great for those summer days when it's 100 degrees outside and there are no showers near your campsite.

One last thing: if you don't want to carry around a heavy bag of water, consider getting yourself one of these solar showers instead! They're much more lightweight than carrying around gallons upon gallons of liquid (which would probably weigh at least 10 lbs).

10. Get at least one spare battery for your phone, camera and laptop. If you have any plans to go off grid, you’ll appreciate this.

shoes, watch, pen, battery

When you are away from civilization, as you will be during van camping, power is not guaranteed. That’s why we recommend getting at least one spare battery for your phone, camera and laptop. Batteries are expensive, heavy and fragile — but they’re also essential for keeping your devices running over the course of your trip. If you have any plans to go off grid, you’ll appreciate this extra layer of protection against drained batteries and dead gadgets.

With these hacks, you and your family will be prepared to take on any camping situation.

It's important to be prepared. A camping trip can be a lot of fun, but it can also go horribly wrong if you aren't prepared with the right tools and supplies. You can make your own hacks, buy them or rent them (or make them yourself if you know how).

With these hacks, you and your family will be prepared to take on any camping situation. The best part is that they don’t cost a lot of money to implement and they are easy to do yourself. So why wait? Get out there and start making your van more comfortable!

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