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What to do with your old towels


When it comes to your old towels, you might be stuck on what to do with them. You can keep using them until they fall apart, but there are other options. In this blog post we'll explore some of the best ways to repurpose or recycle old towels. Give them new life!

If you have old towels that need to be put to good use, here are a few ideas for how to turn them into something new:

  • Make yourself a barber’s apron. All you need is a sewing machine and some fabric glue.
  • Create your own wallet from old towels in under an hour! Watch this video tutorial to learn how.
  • Use your old towels as belts for your pants or jeans. This easy-to-follow video will show how it's done.
  • Use them as cleaning rags.
  • Use them as dish towels.
  • Make dog toys out of them! They’re also great for dogs with teeth issues, or if you don't want to buy rubber toy bones and other items that can be considered unsafe for your dog's health.
  • If you’re looking for a new bath pouf, grab one from the back of your closet! They are soft enough to use on your body but firm enough that they won't get lost in the water like some bath sponges do (not naming any names).
  • If you have hard floors throughout your home, try using an old towel as a bathroom mat instead of buying new ones from the store every year (which add up over time). Just make sure that whatever you choose isn't too thin so it doesn't rip easily when people walk across it with wet feet. This is especially helpful if there are pets running around too because then everyone will have something soft underfoot instead of potentially dangerous ceramic tile or concrete floors which could potentially break under pressure at any given moment due to constant use throughout

Cleaning Rags. Every household needs a few cleaning or dusting rags.

Calm female wiping dusk on table in room

Did you know that towels can be useful for other things besides drying off after a shower? Did you know that they're also great for cleaning and dusting?

If you don't have any rags in your home, consider using old towels for the job. You can use them to clean up spills on the floor or countertops, wiping down surfaces after mopping, cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper, dusting furniture and even clearing out cobwebs from corners of the ceiling.

They're also great tools when it comes to cleaning automobiles—which is why every family should keep some in their car's trunk or glove compartment at all times!

Dish Towels.

Women Wiping Utensils with Dish Towel
  • Dish Towels. They're great for drying dishes, wiping counters and tables, and beyond that they can be used in virtually any room of the house.
  • Hand Towels. If you don't already own enough hand towels, consider using your old ones as such!
  • Bath Towels. These are a little bigger than dish towels but can still be used in the kitchen or bathroom if necessary (or just to feel fancy).
  • Kitchen Towels. When all else fails, you'll still have some use for these—they'll make excellent kitchen rags since they were sturdy enough to withstand being washed in the first place! You could also use them as pot holders until their time has passed on Earth...that is if you're willing to part with them altogether (which would probably be best).

Reusable Swiffer Pads.

Father and Daughter Playing with a Mop in Living Room

If you have an old towel and a Swiffer Sweeper, you can make reusable swiffer pads. These are great for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other hard-to-reach areas. They’re also the perfect size for dusting high shelves or blinds—and they won’t leave those annoying fibers in your carpet like regular dusting cloths do. To make your own reusable swiffer pads:

  • Cut up an old towel into squares or rectangles that fit onto a Swiffer Sweeper head (if possible). You may need to fold over the edge of one side to get it to stay on while you attach it with pins or tape.
  • Take off both sides of the broom head so that only the middle part remains (this might require some gentle persuasion with pliers). You could also just use an old mop head instead of a broom if it fits better in your hand!

Dog Toys and Miscellaneous Pet Items

A Puppy Biting on a Doll

If your pet is anything like mine, they have a tendency to get into their toys and chew them up. This can be annoying because the toy can become damaged or lost in the process. A good way to prevent this problem is by storing all of your pet's toys in a dog toy box. When you buy new toys for your pup, put them into the box so they stay clean until playtime.

Pet towels are excellent for drying off after playing outside but sometimes they need replacing due to wear and tear over time, which means an old towel could come back into use again! If it's not too dirty or worn out then keep reusing it until it needs replacing again (and if it does end up being too torn up then check out my other tip on what to do with old towels). Your pet may also enjoy using an old towel as part of their bedding so keep that in mind as well when deciding whether or not something should go into storage!

Bathroom Mat. use with a sticky mat

the parisian bath tub

If you're looking for an easy way to use up your old towels, try using them as bathroom mats. You can place them on top of a sticky mat to keep the floors clean and dry. This is also an excellent idea if you have young children or pets who like to play around in the bathroom!

Use another towel as a bath mat by laying it out on the floor before stepping into your shower or tub. This will prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor when you step out of the shower or tub after bathing.


Three People Donating Goods

If you have old towels or are thinking about getting rid of a towel, don't throw it away! There are plenty of ways to give your old towels a new life.

  • Donate them to charities and shelters. Many charities will gladly take used towels and other items in need, which they then use to help the homeless and others who could use the assistance.
  • Donate them to nursing homes or retirement communities. Both nursing homes and retirement communities often run low on supplies, so if you know someone who lives there, consider donating some towels so that they can stay warm when they take showers or baths!
  • Donate them to schools or hospitals in need of cleaning supplies (like hospitals).

Recycle towels

Heap of ECO friendly sacks

If you're not able to donate your old towels, there are other ways to recycle them.

  • Donate them to a local charity, animal shelter or church. Most charities are always in need of towels so they can be donated to those who need them most.
  • If you have school-aged children, they may appreciate having new towels for their rooms rather than being forced to use hand-me-downs from older siblings or parents.
  • Shelters and nursing homes also accept clean linens for their residents as well as homeless shelters that house families in need.

Your old towels can be recycled and reused in so many ways! You can use them for cleaning rags, dish towels, reusable Swiffer pads and more. If you have any questions about recycling towels or want to share some of your own ideas on how to reuse old ones, leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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