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A Guide to Small Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas


It's easy to think that small kitchens are the worst. They're small, they're cramped and everything is just so... tight. But don't let that deter you. Just because you have less space doesn't mean you can't create organized storage solutions in your small kitchen! With some creativity and a little elbow grease, you can turn your tiny kitchen into a well-functioning space where every inch counts. Here are some great ideas for maximizing storage space in any size of kitchen:

Add a table or counter that folds down when you need it and tucks out of the way when you don't.

a portable kitchen table

If you have extra space, then a table or counter that folds down when you need it and tucks out of the way when you don't is a great idea. This can be used for extra counter space and storage, or just more room to work in your kitchen.

  • Put the table in a corner or against a wall when not using it so that the floor space is saved instead of having it take up valuable room on top of your cabinets or counters.
  • If this isn't an option for you, then consider adding a folding stool so that everyone can sit while they are cooking!

Consider open shelves instead of cabinets to make your kitchen feel more open and less cramped.

Kitchen with minimalist furniture and modern appliances in flat

If you're looking to create a kitchen that feels open and spacious, rather than cluttered and cramped, consider using open shelves instead of cabinets. Open shelves are great for display purposes because they allow you to see everything that's on them clearly. They're also good for items that aren't used often (like cookbooks), or when you want to make sure something is easily accessible but doesn't need to be hidden away—such as coffee cups or ceramic tea sets.

Hang your pots from the ceiling.

Smiling Men with Cups n Kitchen

If you have a few pots, pans, and other cooking utensils that are too large or heavy to store on the shelf below your stovetop, consider hanging them from the ceiling. You can do this by purchasing a pot rack or hanging them individually (pot hanger). If you want to hang more than two items at once, use a wall mount rack instead of an individual hook.

Whatever option you choose for storing your pots in the kitchen will depend on how many pots and pans you have and where they'll be used most often. For example, if it's just one or two pots that are getting in your way while cooking in a small kitchen space then consider using multiple hooks instead of purchasing an entire set-up like a pot hanger system from IKEA ($50).

Add baskets on the wall to hold anything from produce to onions and potatoes to large utensils.

A Modern and chic A-frame chalet interior design

Baskets are a great way to keep produce fresh, organized and accessible. They can also be used to store large utensils like spatulas, tongs and serving spoons. Since baskets are made of a porous material that’s easy to clean, they’re perfect for storing onions and potatoes as well as small items that might otherwise roll around in the bottom of your pantry or cupboard. If you have walls available in your kitchen space (which most contemporary homes do), consider hanging some baskets from them so they’re even easier to get at when you need them!

Store your spices in test tubes, jars or small crockery containers.

A jar of Scattered Cinnamon on a background of spices. Advertising

Test tubes (or similarly shaped glass containers) make for excellent spice storage. They're easy to store because they can be stacked, and the size of your collection will determine how many you have to have out on your counter at any given time.

Because test tubes are airtight, they'll help keep spices fresher longer by keeping out moisture and other contaminants. It also makes them ideal for storing ingredients with aromas that you don't want wafting around the house: garlic powder or onion powder, for example.

You can label your test tubes using stickers or felt-tip pens; this makes it easier to find what you're looking for when cooking rather than having to open all of them up first. And even if you don't label them right away, test tubes are easy enough to clean that labeling won't be an issue down the road!

Build a custom banquette with storage underneath the bench seat.

A cozy sofa with pillows placed in spacious modern lounge

If you have the space, consider building a custom banquette with storage underneath the bench seat. This can be especially useful for providing extra seating in your small kitchen. The bench seats can either fold up or fold down to provide access to larger items stored underneath.

This type of seating is easy to build out of wood and will give you lots of options for style and design because there are so many finishes available at most home improvement stores (and even if they don’t carry them, they usually have access to those products). Make sure that whatever type of woodworking project you decide on has good ventilation so that no moisture gets trapped inside—this is especially important if you plan on storing food in any containers under there!

Add a lazy Susan to corners or areas where two cabinets meet for easy access to items in the back of a cabinet.

What is a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

A lazy Susan is a rotating tray that you can add to any corner or area of your cabinet. It allows for easy access to items in the back of a particular cabinet. You can also add several lazy susans to the same cabinet if you have several deep cabinets that are difficult to reach. This will allow you easy access to all the items in each of those cabinets without having to go through multiple cabinets first.

Use over-the-door hooks for pot lids or pans that would otherwise go unused.

A stack of kitchenware on shelves behind door

If you have a lot of pots, pans and utensils hanging around your kitchen, an over-the-door hook is a great way to keep them more organized.

On the inside of your cabinet door, slide in an over-the-door hook where it will be out of sight when not in use. Then hang pots and pans on that hook so they’re out of the way until the next time you need them. This works great for items that would otherwise go unused because they aren’t easily accessible—and it saves space!

Use hooks to hang pots, pans and utensils from the ceiling.

Pots and Pans Hanging Over a Stove on a Kitchen Counter

Hanging utensils and other accessories from the ceiling can free up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. Hanging pots and pans on hooks instead of storing them in their respective drawers also helps to save space, as does hanging kitchen towels. If you have a small kitchen, it's important to maximize every inch of storage space so that you have enough room for all of your essentials.

Use vertical organizers on the inside of cabinet doors.

Vertical organizers on a modern kitchen
  • Use vertical organizers on the inside of cabinet doors. This is a great way to store items that are frequently used, or those you want to keep handy but don't need to see all the time. (Think tea bags, coffee pods, spices.)
  • Store frequently used items in containers that can easily be pulled out of a drawer or pantry. Consider keeping dry goods in clear storage containers so you can always see what's inside and how much is left. This also helps prevent food waste and reduces clutter on your counters!
  • Store pots, pans and other kitchen tools on open shelves instead of inside cabinets (if possible). Open shelving gives you easy access to everything without having to open drawers—making it another great option for small kitchens where space is limited!

Convert an empty wall into storage space with a pegboard organizer.

donut wall

A pegboard is a great way to turn an empty wall into storage space. It's inexpensive, easy to install and can be used in many different ways. If you're short on counter space, hang your pots and pans from the pegboard instead of storing them in a cabinet. Or use it as an alternative to a pantry or shelving unit for holding spices and other small containers that are hard to store elsewhere.

Pegboards come in various sizes but 4 x 8 is probably the most common size because it fits nicely into most closets or cupboards without taking up too much room. They usually cost less than $10 per square foot which means that even if you had two walls covered with pegboards (four feet wide), it would only cost about $40! If your kitchen isn't quite big enough for two full-sized panels then consider using half-size panels instead since these will still give you plenty of storage options without costing too much money to purchase or assemble yourself

You can store more stuff in a small kitchen than you think!

White Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

As you've probably heard, storage solutions aren't always obvious. In fact, even if you're a pro at organizing your closet and garage, it can be tough to figure out exactly how to store all of the items in your small kitchen.

Organization is a skill—and one that you can learn as needed! You might have to do some experimenting before figuring out what works best for your specific situation, but there are plenty of options available to help make sure everything stays neat and tidy.

Here are some tips on making the most out of your limited space:

You may be thinking that some of these ideas are crazy or over-the-top. But remember that having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and comfortable in your space! There are plenty of ways to keep things neat and tidy while still feeling like you have room to move around. And if it all gets too much? Just take a break with a glass of wine at your new bar table, right by the window—you deserve it!

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