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Creative Ways to Declutter Your Towel Closet


Don't you wish you could clean and organize your home in an instant? Don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and instantly the laundry will be folded, the carpets vacuumed, the cotton bath towels arranged, and the kitchen counters cleaned? No, you don't have to have superpowers just to tidy up a space. Check this out because we've compiled a list of tips that will instantly liven up your home organization, specifically with your linen and towels cabinet.

  1. Install layered towel rods. Don’t you just hate it when your turkish cotton towels end up discarded on the floors of bathrooms or walk-in closets? If you have nowhere to hang your turkish cotton towels will end up forgotten on a chair, on the bed, or worse, on the bathroom floor. Provide a place to hang the towels you're using that day, whether it's turkish cotton towels, a bathrobe, or a hand towel. You have options on whether you want to put up layered towel rods or a row of hooks. It really depends on your home décor and aesthetic. 
    Wooden hanger with towels and basket with bathroom products
  2. Use storage boxes or bins. It isn't very pleasant when you have to reach for a beach towel or a couple of turkish cotton towels for the guest room, but you just can't find them in your linen closet. Get rid of the issue by using storage boxes or neat baskets to separate your pillowcases from bedsheets, your comforters from duvets, curtains from handmade table runners, and your turkish cotton towels from bathrobes. Use a label maker to properly name the boxes so you won't have to figure out which goes where. You'll have an instant blueprint on how to organize right after folding the laundry. You can also use transparent bins to easily see the patterns and colors of the towel you're looking for.
    Stacked towels and plaid on wooden box
  3. Let it go. Let’s be candid here and figure out how to really organize your linen storage. How? Get rid of your old linen and towels. You should throw out towels every 2-3 years, as these can get frayed or thinned out as time passes, unless they are made of turkish cotton in continuous threads. Towels are a crucial piece in our everyday lives, and they let you start a cozy and hygienic day. Purchase a couple of brand-new and more absorbent turkish bath towels. Yes, some turkish cotton towels might be more expensive, but they are an investment and definitely worth every dollar.GRIDAL Turkish towels
  4. Invest in a steamer. One of the annoying things about storing linen and towels is that they get crinkly and mushed right after getting out of the washing machine. To solve this, have a handheld steamer to get rid of the wrinkles, and have neatly folded handmade towels in your closet. You can also go old school and use an iron to make your linens extra smooth before going into storage.
    Woman in White Robe Holding White Ceramic Mug
  5. Keep them smelling fresh. Want your tea towels and beach towels to stay fresh and smell extra sweet even after weeks in storage? Have a scent card tucked into the storage bins of your linens, towels, and curtains. When you finally reach for them, they'll still smell like lavender or cherry blossoms, and you won't have to spend extra time dumping them in the laundry. You can also use essential oils or a stick diffuser to freshen up the smell inside the towel closet.
    Soap on Saucer on Towel


Do you find these organizational ideas helpful? We know our turkish cotton towels the best, and we know how to keep them in the best condition. Browse through our product pages today to get your own high-quality and envy-worthy towels. Buy the best turkish cotton towels from GRIDAL store today!

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