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Get Kitchen Aid Off-White With the Right Storage


I've been to IKEA, and it's a magical place. You can buy everything you need to turn your home into a stylish haven that's also a practical space you actually use. But when it comes to storing things, sometimes you have to think outside the box—or cabinet door, as the case may be. Here are some easy ways to get more out of your kitchen storage without adding anything new:

Tips from IKEA

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If you've ever been to IKEA, then you know what a treasure trove of storage options it is. They have so many different kinds of storage solutions for all kinds of things, and in a huge variety of sizes. You can get baskets or bins for your kitchen, pantry or cabinets—and if that doesn't do the trick, there's always the option (depending on your budget) to buy an entire shelf system with drawers and pull-out trays.

IKEA has everything from small square baskets to modular shelves with sliding doors that are perfect for storing baking supplies like measuring cups and spoons while keeping them easily accessible at all times. And don't forget about those super tall freestanding cabinets: If your kitchen has room for them (and if not then perhaps you should consider moving), they're great at stashing bulk ingredients like flour or sugar while still looking stylishly modern against an off white backdrop!

Consider your space.

White Wooden Cupboards

The next thing to consider is your space. How much room do you have in your kitchen? The size of your kitchen can be what determines whether or not you can fit all of your gadgets and appliances in one place. If it's a small space, there's no need to get too fancy with storage—just choose simple solutions like open shelving or baskets on an island.

If you have more room, then by all means, go crazy! Consider adding some furniture that serves as smart storage, like corner cabinets or islands that are great for extra storage and preparation. However, if this is going to cause any problems with traffic flow through the kitchen (like blocking people from getting out their chairs), be sure not to overcrowd the area just because it looks neat from an aesthetic standpoint.

The right kitchen storage can help make your life easier.

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The right kitchen storage can help make your life easier. You can organize your kitchen so it is easy to find things, or use the wrong kind of storage for items that need frequent access.

It’s important to store away items that are not frequently used, but also keep in mind that you don’t want too much storage since this will make your space look cluttered and messy.

You might also have drawers or cabinets where you could put a few things away instead of using up valuable counter space. Don’t forget about the space under the sink and behind your stove either!

Take advantage of the spaces in between.

Interior of modern kitchen with chairs around wooden table

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It's where you prepare and serve food, but also where you can relax with friends and family, or just unwind after a long day.

So it's important to make sure that your kitchen has everything it needs for all of those activities—and more!

One way to maximize storage space is by using the spaces between your cabinets and drawers, as well as under your stove and sink. If you're looking for extra storage options for your kitchen, here are some great options:

Invest in baskets.

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If you want to easily organize your pantry and make the most of your space, baskets are a great option. They can be used to store dry goods, like flour and sugar; fresh produce like apples and oranges; or even spices. If you only have one basket organizer but still want to maximize the use of your kitchen space, try lining up all four sides of the basket with different items so that each side has something different in it. For example:

  • One side could contain baking supplies like baking soda or baking powder
  • Another could be reserved for canned goods
  • Yet another might house nonperishable foods like nuts or candy bars
  • The last could hold oils and vinegars

Get more with less

Interior of modern kitchen with appliances

So you've got your Kitchen Aid, and you're ready to get started. But wait—don't forget about all the space in between!

  • The area above the stove is prime real estate for storage. You can use a drawer organizer for frequently used items like measuring spoons and small utensils.
  • If there's an empty corner or two between two cabinets, consider hanging a pegboard on them for easy access to larger cooking tools (like whisks). This way everything has its place, no matter how much or little counter space you have left after using up all of that cabinet space.

If you’re looking for a little help in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to get creative. Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. You can use more of your space and get more out of less with some simple ideas like baskets and vertical storage.

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