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Hacks to Organize a Small Bedroom Space


The bedroom is where you go to sleep and relax, so why not make it a space that's both functional and relaxing?

If your budget doesn't allow for an overhaul of your bedroom—and let's face it, most people don't have thousands of dollars lying around for a fancy new room—don't worry: There are plenty of small-space hacks that can help you get organized without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. Plus, with these tips, you'll be able to save tons of space while maximizing functionality in your bedroom!

Get a storage bed.

Contemporary Bedroom Design with Wooden Floor and White Walls

If you're looking to organize a small bedroom, consider getting a storage bed. A storage bed is an affordable way to add extra space where you need it most—your room. It's perfect for storing clothes, toys and books in one convenient place. You can even buy furniture that comes with its own drawers so that you don't have to worry about buying separate pieces of furniture for different parts of your home.

Storage beds are available in a variety of styles and sizes that fit both modern homes as well as traditional ones! Check this article for the best storage bed models.

Get hanging organizers 

Empty Room with Shelves Sofa and Desk

A hanging organizer makes a great under-the-bed storage solution.

Hang it on the back of your bedroom door and use it as a shoe holder, or for blankets, pillows—whatever you want! You can also hang it in front of your closet door to keep hats and scarves from getting lost inside.

Use strategic shelving.

Tiny home interior design

It's a fact: no matter how small your bedroom is, there has to be some sort of storage space. Whether it's under your bed or above your bed, you can use cleverly-placed shelving to declutter and organize the room.

Under Your Bed

Vacuum cleaners and other large items like these will take up valuable floor space in your room, but they can easily be stored away underneath the mattress. You'll just need to make sure that whatever you're storing isn't going to crush anything else as it gets pushed down by weight from above. If it does start crushing things, simply remove what's getting squashed (or use another type of box).

Install open shelves and multiuse baskets.

Sunday afternoon boho inspiration I decorated our living room wall one lazy Sunday.

And if you're looking to save space, try using baskets that can be hung on the wall.

These are great for storing items that you use often. For example, if you have a lot of makeup and beauty products that need to be kept in one place rather than strewn across your desk or vanity area, baskets can be used as an organized way to store these items without taking up any space on these surfaces.

Another thing I like about this is its versatility: The basket can also double as decor when it's not being used for storage purposes! If you have a lot of jewelry and accessories lying around your room—especially if they're small enough—they'll fit perfectly inside these style-friendly containers.

Use the wall space above your bed.

hats hung besides the bed

Your bed is a great place to store stuff. But have you thought about using the wall space above your bed? That's right, the wall space above your bed!

You can use it for storage—it’s a little-used area of your room that is perfect for storing things that don't belong in drawers or on shelves. And if you want something that looks good and saves space, check out these ideas:

  • Use a bulletin board to post messages or photos of loved ones. If you have friends and family who live far away or are often on the road, this will be especially helpful because they'll be able to see updates from home even when they're not home themselves!
  • Hang up an old calendar as art by turning off all months but one month so it looks like it was designed just for now (and only now). This way everyone knows what day it is without having to look at their phone—they'll just need some kind of light source nearby (like those dangling string lights).

Hang shoe organizers on the back of the door.

Babouches de Marrakech

A great way to store shoes is on the back of a door. Get some shoe organizers, and hang them up! This will keep your shoes off the floor, which can make your room look nice and clean.

Organizing your shoes in a shoe organizer is also important. You should put your most used pairs of shoes closer to the top so that you can reach them easily when getting ready for work or school in the morning. The less used pairs should be stored further down so that they don't get damaged by moisture from water from above (if there happens to be any).

In addition, when organizing clothing in a closet, remember to use hangers with clips on their ends rather than flat ones so that nothing slips off while hanging up!

Use rolling platforms for accessible under-bed storage.

White and Black Desk Beside Bed and Window

If you want to maximize the space in your small bedroom, consider replacing a regular bed frame with a platform bed. Platform beds are designed without legs and can be as low as 13 inches off the ground. This makes them easy to store under your current mattress, which is usually as high as 16 inches from the floor.

You can even use this storage space for temporary items like boxes or seasonal decorations that don't need to be out at all times. When you're ready for them again (e.g., after Christmas), just roll those boxes back up under your bed and get on with life! Once again: easy peasy!.

You don't have to spend a fortune to organize your bedroom like a pro!

Woman sitting on her bed

You don't need to spend a fortune to organize your bedroom.

You can do it yourself, or ask for help from friends and family who are handy with tools.

You can find cheap solutions at local dollar stores or online retailers such as Ikea, Wayfair and Amazon.

Or you can make your own solutions using common household items. If you're crafty, consider making DIY organizers that fit your style!

Finally, if you're on a budget but still want an easy-to-use system that works well in tight spaces without breaking the bank then look no further than this list of awesome hacks!

Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance of function and style. If you have a stylish bedroom with great storage but can’t find anything when you need it, then there’s no point in having a beautiful space—you won’t be able to enjoy it! On the other hand, if your room is boring but organized and functional enough for everything that matters most in life (like a good night's sleep), then maybe we should just let our kids keep their toys wherever they want... because at least they're happy with how things look.


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