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How to Make a Turkish Towel Into a Robe


Turkish towels are the perfect fabric for a bathrobe. They're durable and absorbent, and they dry quickly after washing. But if you've ever bought one of these towels before, you know they can be expensive—particularly when you're trying to buy enough material to make a robe. Luckily, with a little sewing practice and some basic materials from your local craft store, it's easy to transform your Turkish towel into an elegant bathrobe that looks like it came from the spa.

what you'll need

  • Towel: It's best to use a Turkish towel for this project because of its unique weave. Other towels may not have the same stitching and fabric that you need for this project, so stick with a Turkish one.
  • Thread: You can choose any thread color you like, but I recommend using white or natural-colored thread in order to match the color of your robe better.
  • Sewing machine: You'll need some sort of sewing machine if you want your robe to look presentable at all; otherwise, you could just sew everything by hand (it's possible). If you do go that route though, it will take much longer than using a sewing machine would!
  • Scissors: This is pretty self-explanatory—you'll need scissors in order to cut off excess fabric when making your towel into a robe (and other things).
  • Tailor's chalk or pencil: This will help mark where exactly on each side of where we're going to place our seam allowance line when attaching both sides together later on during construction steps below as well as creating guides for our hems later.
Sewing Tools on White Surface

make the hood

  • Cut the fabric. You will need to cut two pieces of fabric that are the same length and width.
  • Sew the hood together. You will be sewing the hood seam on both sides of your towel, so you need to make sure it is turned right side out before doing this step. Your seam should be about 1/4 inch from each edge, allowing for some stretch in your material.
  • Sew in both sides of your hood so that it becomes one piece with no gap between them at all, making sure not to sew through any stitches from previous steps if possible (this may require removing those stitches).
  • Attach the hemmed edge of our new hood piece onto your robe without overlapping by just placing it onto the robe where needed and then stitching along its edge until it meets up with another seam line we created earlier when turning our towel into a robe!
Woman making stitch on fabric while sewing in studio

cut the necktie

The next step is to cut the necktie. The best place to make the cut is along the top of one end of the tie, where it's thicker. You want to make sure that you don't cut through all of your fabric, so pay attention when making this first cut so you don't have to do it again!

Once you've made your first cut, it's time to make a V shape in order to give yourself more room for sewing later on. Fold over your tie and start cutting from where you just started (at the end) until halfway down its length—this way there will be extra material available if needed during sewing afterward!

add the trim

To add trim to the hood, you will need:

  • 1 yard of double-fold bias tape. You can find this at most fabric stores or online.
  • Scissors or a seam ripper (for removing the stitches in your current trim)

To add trim to the necktie, you will need:

  • 1 yard of double fold bias tape or ribbon. You can find this at most fabric stores or online.
  • Scissors or a seam ripper (for removing the stitches in your current trim)

sew hood and shoulders

Now that you've made the hood, it's time to sew it onto your robe. Sew the hood to one of the sides of the necktie. Then fold over your robe so that its outside is facing up and sew the two sides together from there down to where you sewed on another side of your necktie (where you'll be attaching it to another side). This should create a rectangle shape with four points at each end of a straight line across each shoulder and two more points on either side in between them, making for six total points at each shoulder seam. Repeat this process for both shoulders and all four sleeves, then sew these seams together as well until only one seam remains open—the backside will be closed off when we attach it later!

insert sleeves

  • Sew the sleeves.
  • Fold the hem back up and secure it with a few stitches along the raw edge of the towel, where you originally folded it down (you’ll want to use a sewing machine for this).
  • Attach trim to hem, then sew hem down again to secure it in place.
Photo of Woman Using Sewing Machine

With a little sewing practice, you can make your own bathrobe.

If you’re not sure about your sewing capabilities, don’t worry—you can easily make a robe with a little practice. You can use any of the following options:

  • Sewing machine
  • Serger (overlock machine)
  • Needle and thread
  • A sewing kit that includes everything you need to make an item (like a bathrobe)

We think it’s an excellent choice for a robe, and we hope you’ll give this project a try! As with any sewing project, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process of making something new. If you do run into problems along the way, don’t forget that there are plenty of resources available online to help guide you through them. If all else fails (or if your Turkish towel gets too small!), consider trying out another bathrobe pattern like our free robe pattern or our free robe tutorial for beginners!


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