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Say Goodbye to Ugly Ceiling Fans


Ceiling fans are an easy way to make your kitchen feel cooler. But did you know that you can also use them to add style? Here's how:

Turn a fan into decor

ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can be the centerpiece of your kitchen and add color, whimsy, and personality to the space. Depending on the room, you may wish to hang a few items on it. This is especially true if you are going for an industrial look or something vintage-modern.

However, there are many options available beyond just hanging items on your ceiling fan (though we love that idea too). There are several ways that you can use a ceiling fan as decor in your kitchen:

  • Display photos of family members on it.
  • Use it as an alternative way to display artwork. If the artwork has any kind of movement or motion in it then this is a good option! You could also frame some old movie posters from your favorite films from childhood days gone by!
  • Turn jars upside down around where the lightbulbs would normally go so they look like they are floating up above us when we turn them on at night."

Go for the gold

A Bed With White Linen in a Bedroom

Gold ceiling fans are a great way to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen. They're versatile, too: gold fans can be used in almost any style of kitchen. If you're the kind of person who loves to cook and entertain, you'll want to consider investing in one for yourself—especially if you're looking for an upgrade from an old white fan that doesn't do much besides circulate the warm air from your oven or stovetop.

Gold ceiling fans come in many different styles and designs, so it's important that you choose one that will fit well with your decorating scheme without being too ostentatious or overpowering. You'll also want to make sure that it has enough light if its going over a table where people might hang out at night (and not just during dinner).

Keep it simple

White Wooden Shelves on Brown Wooden Floor

When it comes to ceiling fans, there are a lot of things to consider. You want your fan to match the rest of your home, so you need one that works with the décor of your kitchen or dining room. It also needs to be large enough so that it can cool down an entire room. That's why it's important to make sure that any ceiling fan you buy is easy to clean and maintain—you don't want something that's going to be a pain in the neck every time you clean up around the house!

After all that hard work, it would be nice if your new ceiling fan didn't pose any safety risks either. The last thing you want is for someone in your family (or even yourself!) getting hurt because they accidentally touched one part or another while trying out their new toy!

Make it unique

ceiling fan

One of the best things about going with a ceiling fan is that it doesn’t have to match everything else in your home. In fact, this is what makes it so great! You can make it unique, stand out from the crowd, and add some personalization to any room of your home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a light fixture that’s different than others in the room so that there’s something exciting to look at even when you turn off the lights. This could be a chandelier or even just two candelabra-style lamps on either end of an island countertop or bar area (this works especially well if they both face each other).
  • Use mismatched fans throughout various rooms in your house—it looks great! And if you don't want them all on at once (which I totally get), then try installing dimmer switches for those areas where only one or two need attention at any given time instead of having one switch controlling multiple fans/lightsets across multiple rooms...and then with those working properly too).

Make it rustic

Brown 4 Blade Ceiling Fan and Wooden Flooring

If you’re looking to create a rustic, country-style environment, then consider purchasing a ceiling fan with a natural wood finish. A distressed ceiling fan looks great in any setting and can be used to give your home an antique look that will fit right in with your other décor items. If you prefer the look of aged metal and wood, then go for an aged patina or distressed patina ceiling fan that has been painted with layers of paint over time.

Industrial it up

Spacious Interior with Fireplace and Shiny Wooden Floor
  • Use a fan with a cage. These are the most common types of ceiling fans and are great for giving traditional homes an industrial edge.
  • Try a fan with exposed metal. Though they’re not as popular as their cage-covered counterparts, these styles can be used to make your home look less like something out of an HGTV show and more like you live in New York City or Paris (or whatever city you want to pretend you live in).
  • Try a light fixture that goes well with your ceiling fan. Many fans come with lights already attached—but if yours doesn’t, don’t fret! There are plenty of options for matching wall sconces or chandeliers with your new piece of decoration for your room that will give it that extra kick of style it needs so badly on its own.* Be sure to go big when choosing which direction your blades should spin! While this isn't always necessary, rotating them clockwise instead may bring some much-needed excitement into your life without having to spend money on anything else at all!

Go big or go home

Ceiling Fan above a Bed

The first thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan is the size of the room. Ideally, your ceiling fan should be large enough to fit in the space you're looking to cool with it. But if it's too big, or if it hangs lower than most other fans in your home’s rooms, it could be an eyesore. The best way to know whether or not a particular model will work in your house is by taking measurements of both its height and width (in inches) before purchase.

Also important: making sure that any new fan doesn't weigh too much for your existing ceiling. If you have an older home with low ceilings, then this may not be an issue; however if you live in a newer place with high ceilings (or just want more headroom), then make sure that whatever unit you choose isn't going cause structural damage by placing too much pull on wires and joists throughout the house!

White is alright

The Living Area and Kitchen of a House

A white ceiling fan is a great choice for kitchens with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and counters and white walls. But these aren't the only scenarios where a whiter shade makes sense.

  • Your ceilings are a neutral color but your walls are not. If you have medium or light-colored walls that don't match the ceiling in tone, it's better to go with a shade of white that contrasts with them than try to blend the two together. Using additional lighting sources (like chandeliers) can also help avoid clashing colors on different surfaces in your kitchen space.
  • You're working with an open floor plan but want to make sure you don't lose the flow of the space by using bold colors or patterns everywhere you look. A simple way to keep everything harmonious between different rooms without sacrificing personality is having matching ceiling fans throughout each area!

Black can be back.

Brown Round Wooden Table and Chairs

In kitchens, black is the perfect color for ceiling fans. It's a neutral color that can be paired with any other shade and adds a nice contrast to the kitchen. The typical white fan against all-white cabinets would look drab and boring, but black adds a stylish touch to your kitchen's decor. If you're looking for something more modern or industrial, consider a silver fan instead—it'll give an edgier look to your space than traditional white fans do!

If you're trying to create warmth in your home instead of creating contrast, then consider installing a light wood or even painted wood ceiling fan (provided it's done well). Painting wood doesn't have to be difficult; just make sure you prime first so that no discoloration occurs over time due to moisture exposure on bare wood surfaces.

Warm it up.

Brown Wooden Framed Glass Door

To make your ceiling fan feel less like a piece of machinery and more like an accent, use warm colors on the fan blades and in its light kit. A wooden fan blade is an obvious choice, but wood can be expensive—and if you're going for a warmer look anyway, why not consider another type of natural material? If you want something that looks similar to wood but isn't quite as pricey or difficult to work with (and isn't prone to warping), consider an iron or steel blade instead: these materials are just as rustic-looking and will still add some warmth to your space.

If you'd rather stick with a more neutral color scheme for the rest of your room's decorating scheme (or if adding a new hue into the mix seems too complicated), consider using one of these other options:* Use a ceiling fan with a light kit.* Install dimmer switches on all lights in the room.* Replace chandeliers with smaller lamps.* Replace table lamps with floor lamps…

You can make your kitchen look great by adding a cool ceiling fan.

Home Appliances in the Kitchen

You can make your kitchen look great by adding a cool ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are a great way to improve the look of your kitchen. They can make your kitchen look more stylish and modern, which is important if you want people to think of your home as a place for good food, not just for quick meals. In addition, ceiling fans can help improve your kitchen's energy efficiency by circulating air and allowing hot air to escape from the space through vents in the roof. Finally, ceiling fans help to keep your kitchen cool in the summer because they reduce temperatures that may rise due to cooking or baking activities like making cookies or spending time near an oven door when baking breads (or even pies).

Ceiling fans are a great way to make your home more stylish and functional. They can help you save on heating costs during the winter months and also keep it cool in summer by circulating air throughout the room. There are many different styles available so choose one that best suits your taste and décor. You can add an industrial look with an old-fashioned fan or go for something sleek and modern like a white ceiling fan with LED lights. Whatever style fits your needs best be sure not overpay when shopping around because there are lots of options out there!

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