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How to select the best beach towel


How to select the perfect beach towel

If you're planning a beach trip, you'll need to bring a towel. A good beach towel can make all the difference in your day. It's not just about drying off after swimming or tanning; it's also about having someplace to sit down when you need to rest. Here are some tips for finding the best beach towel for your needs:

cotton field

1. Material

When it comes to the material of your beach towel, the most common options are cotton, linen and microfiber. Cotton absorbs water well but dries slowly; linen dries quickly but does not absorb as much moisture; microfiber dries quickly and absorbs little water. Cotton will last longer than linen or microfiber due to its durability as well as its ability to absorb more water before it needs to be washed again. However, if you're looking for something that will make your life easier on vacation (or just at home), then standard cotton towels may be too bulky for you.

Microfibers are very thin fibers made from polyester that have been split into thousands of tiny “hairs” with an electrostatic charge that attracts dirt like a magnet. This makes them quick drying and resistant to stains or mildew—making them ideal for travelers who want their towels dry in no time flat.

red and blue cotton towels on white background

But even though they can take a beating without compromising performance too much over time compared with other fabrics used today like cotton or wool which tend not last long when exposed continuously through washing cycles before eventually falling apart completely after several years because they become weak due to constant exposure through washing cycles which creates friction between layers causing wear on polymer chains within each fiber strand itself resulting in eventual disintegration as well as breakage due dehydration caused by repeated washings over extended periods time frame - this attribute also means cost

There is a third way though. You can try Turkish Towels that are made of thickly woven long cotton threads as a thin sheet of linen. They will provide the desired absorbance while being durable at the same time. It is also easy to carry them around since they take little space in your bag when rolled or folded. To see GRIDAL's selection of Turkish Towels, click here.

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2. Color

Color is a matter of personal preference, but if you're looking to be more visible in the sand, choose a darker color. If you want your beach towel to reflect your personality, go for something bold and bright! You can also choose colors that will help you stand out from other beachgoers—but avoid colors that are too flashy or difficult to find in a crowd (like neon yellow).

towel on white sand with hat and book

3. Size

The type of sand also plays an important role in determining what material should be used for a beach towel; some types of sand can cause abrasions when dragged against unprotected skin while others will simply stick directly onto wet skin without causing any damage at all! Finding out what kind of sand you're dealing with before heading out into nature could help prevent unwanted injuries or discomfort later on down the road!

You should be aware of the size of your towel before you even get to the beach. The size needs to be relative to the user, as well as any potential obstacles they might encounter while on the beach. If a person is tall and will have trouble reaching over their own head, it's important that they bring a towel that won't drag across their neck or shoulders when stretched out. Likewise, if there are waves coming in from different directions (as is common with many beaches), it may be necessary for someone shorter than average to bring along something more substantial so that they don't get soaked by unexpected water splashes.

woman running on sands with a colorful towel

Extra: Sand release feature

  • Sand is a problem when you are on the beach. Sand can cause abrasions and skin irritation if not removed from your body before getting into your car, home or other places where sand will stick.
  • Sand is also an issue when you are at the pool. If you use a towel that absorbs water, it will also absorb any of the pool's chemicals which could be harmful to your health depending on how much time you spent in that particular pool.
  • Finally, sand is an annoyance either way because it sticks to everything and gets everywhere!

You need a towel with the right material, color and size to enjoy your day at the beach

  • Material: The towel should be made of a material that dries quickly and doesn't get heavy when wet. Cotton is often used because it absorbs water well but it's not super absorbent and can be heavy when wet. Microfiber towels are thin, lightweight and fast-drying while also being highly absorbent.
  • Color: Pick a color that will go with all your beach gear. If you're going to use the same towel at home, consider getting a darker color like black or navy blue so it goes with any bathtub decorating scheme you have in mind for your bathroom shelf setup next year!
  • Size: Always measure out the space where you plan on using your towel at some point before buying one so that there aren't any surprises later down the line (like finding out that your new beach blanket is way too small).


A quality beach towel will make your day at the beach more enjoyable. To see our options, visit:


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