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What Is The Best Towel to Buy? (According To Scientists)


Towels play an important role in our daily lives, but it can be hard to tell which is the best towel to buy. Towels are made from many different materials and each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Luckily, scientists have done plenty of research on this topic, so let's dig into what they found out! 

Turkish cotton towels are very absorbent, even more so than 100% cotton ones. 

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Turkish cotton towels, made from 100% Turkish cotton, are very absorbent. In fact, they absorb more water than other types of cotton and are also more durable, making them ideal for big families or those who like to use their towels frequently. 

Turkish cotton is also softer than regular Egyptian or Pima cottons (the most common types), which means that it won't scratch your skin as easily when drying off after a long shower or bath. 

Terry towels wick away moisture from the skin more than other towel types, including woven towels. 

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Terry towels are the best when it comes to drying off your skin. They're made of loops, which are more absorbent than flat-weave fabrics. They also tend to be more durable than woven towels, and they dry faster than cotton fabrics. So what's not to love about a terry towel? Well, if you use one for camping or picnics, keep in mind that it won't pack down as small as a flat weave. If you do decide on a terry towel for camping purposes, try a microfiber version that's less bulky and dries faster than cotton or linen versions. 

Eucalyptus fibers are more absorbent and fast-drying than cotton or microfiber. 

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Fibers of eucalyptus are more absorbent, fast-drying and antimicrobial than cotton or microfiber. These fibers come from the woody fiber of the Eucalyptus tree which grows in warm, humid climates. They are more durable than cotton and have superior thermal properties. In addition to preventing bacteria from growing on your towel, it also prevents mildew from forming when stored wet after use (who wants a moldy towel?). 

To Conclude:

The best towels are made of Turkish cotton, terrycloth or eucalyptus fibers. These materials are known for their softness and absorbency. 

Cotton is a good basic material for towels but it can get scratchy with repeated washings. 

Microfiber is also a common material in towels but it can be delicate and prone to snagging. If you have pets that shed hair regularly, microfiber could be a better choice than terrycloth because pet hair will stick better to microfibers than other materials like cotton or Turkish cotton. Microfiber also tends to dry faster than other types of fabric since it has so many tiny fibers in each individual strand that air can pass through more easily when it's damp than if those same spaces were filled with larger threads from traditional fabrics like cotton (which traps more moisture). 

The best towel is the one you like. But if you're looking for a high-performing towel that will leave your skin feeling soft and dry, then consider eucalyptus or terrycloth. You'll need to choose between them based on their absorbency and fast drying capabilities. If you use cotton or microfiber towels regularly, then perhaps it's time to try something new! 


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