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Throw Away Your White Towels, Try These Instead


Towels have come a long way since the days of linen and cotton rags. Today, you can find towels that are more absorbent, colorful, and stylish than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to choose between cuddly and dry! So why not upgrade your standard white bath towel with one of these modern alternatives?

Use a cotton hand towel in the kitchen.

GRIDAL's cotton hand towel

If you're looking to replace your white towels with something more eco-friendly, try cotton hand towels. Cotton is a renewable resource, extremely absorbent and soft, and durable enough that it can be used for years on end. The best part? Unlike paper towels which are often abrasive and scratchy when used in the kitchen (not to mention they fill up landfills), cotton hand towels are gentle on your hands while being strong enough to handle heavy duty cleaning tasks like scrubbing pots and pans. Cotton is also better than reusable dishcloths because it is machine washable so no need for extra work or time spent hand washing dishes by hand!

Upgrade your bath towels to luxury ones.

Thick cotton bath towels

Upgrade your bath towels to luxury ones. You know the ones: thick, fluffy, and soft, like Turkish Towels.

Instead of using the same old white towel that you’ve had for ages, go out and get yourself a nice set of luxury bath towels. These will be a bit more expensive than the average cloth but it’s worth it! The investment is well worth it when you consider how much better they look in your bathroom and how much more comfortable they will make you feel after a long day at work or school.

A great way to determine what type of material works best for what type of person is by checking out Amazon reviews! There are thousands upon thousands of reviews written by customers who have tried many different brands over time - so take advantage!

Beach towels aren't only for the beach!

GRIDAL Diamond Beach Towels

Beach towels are versatile, meaning you can use them for a variety of purposes. They're great as bath towels, pool towels and picnic blankets—but did you know they can also be used as throws?

Using a beach towel as a throw is an economical way to add some color and pattern to your space. We recommend folding the towel in thirds (whether it's long or short) and then folding one end over the other end. This will give you the most space coverage while still feeling cozy under your feet!

Check out these other ways we've used our beach towels:

Linen towels are the best option for drying off after a shower.

GRIDAL linen towels

Many people are surprised to learn that they can get the same drying power out of a linen towel as they would a cotton one. The reason is simple: linen is actually more absorbent than cotton and other fibers, meaning it can soak up water much more quickly. And since we all want to dry off after our bath or shower as quickly as possible, this fact makes it an excellent option for a towel.

But that’s not all—linen has another advantage over cotton: it feels better against your skin! What makes this possible? Well, unlike cotton towels which are often stiff and scratchy due to their rough fibers, linens are made from softer materials like flax and hemp which have been processed into thinner threads so they feel silky smooth against your body when you use them for drying off after bathing. Plus these fibers also tend to be less prone towards pilling (which happens when loose yarns bunch together on garments), so there's less chance of getting those annoying little balls on your new towels down the line!


Opt for more absorbent, decorative, and attractive towels than plain white ones.


If you’re not a fan of white towels, opt for more absorbent and decorative options than plain ones.

  • Use cotton or linen towels. These are often more attractive than their synthetic counterparts and can be found in a variety of colors.
  • Upgrade your hand towels to luxury items. A simple upgrade like this will make your bathroom look luxurious without the added expense of purchasing new bath sheets and bath mats that may not match what you already have.
  • Go beyond beach towels—they’re great for drying off after a shower at home! Linen is an especially soft fabric that feels great against your skin if you choose to use it in place of traditional terry cloths or regular cotton fabrics used on other household items such as dish rags or kitchen towels (especially those made with microfiber). You can also take advantage of linen's ability to absorb moisture by placing folded-over pieces underneath furniture legs so they don't get scratched up over time by putting pressure on them when walking around inside your house; this practice works well under coffee tables too since wood tends not only absorbs fluids but oils from our bodies too (think about how much oil we get on our hands while cooking dinner!).

As we’ve seen, there are so many great options for towels that you don’t have to use white ones. And if you want something even more colorful than blue or red - like green or purple - go for it! Just remember that if your home is a little darker, don’t go too bright with the color because it will look weird.



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